Tuberculosis (TB) is a significant public health challenge in India that affects the most economically productive age group of society. An employee or worker with TB might lose an average of 3–4 months of work and income for an episode of TB. This results in substantial economic repercussions for both workers and organizations due to lost productivity, worker absenteeism and employee turnover. Since workers spend most of their waking hours at work, addressing TB at workplaces is a common interest for the employer, employee and the community.

Therefore, the world of work can play a critical role in ending TB in India. Ensuring a healthy workforce results in higher productivity making supportive workplace policies mutually beneficial for the industry and its employees.


A TB Free Workplace is a workplace where systems and processes are in place to protect the workforce from TB and suffering due to TB. This includes:

Periodic activities that generate awareness about TB among all employees/ workers.

Periodic screening and linkage to healthcare services for early & complete diagnosis of TB among all employees/ workers.

Mechanism that supports any employee/ worker affected with TB to obtain correct & complete treatment, including leave, balanced workload, nutritional support adherence support and so on

Process to Link all affected with TB to relevant welfare schemes and public health actions

Measures implemented at the workplace to prevent transmission all airborne infections (read more here)

Measures to ensure a stigma free environment for all affected with TB.

The Corporate TB Pledge (CTP) Secretariat provides technical support to our Pledge holders for designing and implementing TB related activities and projects in the workplace.

Let us join hands to make your Workplace TB Free !