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Corporate TB Pledge

The Corporate TB Pledge (CTP) program is a joint initiative of the Central TB Division, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and USAID in collaboration with The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, with the objective to develop a shared TB vision, in alignment with PM Narendra Modi’s vision of eliminating TB in India by 2025. The Corporate TB Pledge program was launched in April 2019 and offers a tiered approach for corporates to use their resources (human and financial), to combat TB, raise awareness of TB as a curable disease, and ultimately improve TB health outcomes.

HOW TO Become a CTP Member

The corporate shall be willing to contribute to Prime Minister’s vision of TB free India by 2025!

The corporate shall be willing to dedicate its vast pool of resources, management skills and reach and play a vital role in TB prevention and care

The corporate shall be willing to establish a TB Free Workplace Policy and ensure:

  • Improving awareness about TB in the workplace.
  • Promoting TB screening at workforce.
  • Arrange for TB diagnosis and facilitate referrals for treatment.
  • Share the experiences and outcomes with the Corporate TB Pledge Secretariat.

The corporate shall be able to leverage networks of other CTP members- including consulates, Business Associations, PSUs etc

The corporate shall be able to build synergies through Public- private partnerships and private – private partnerships.

Membership Tiers

Corporates may sign up at different tiers specifying their levels of commitment. The details for each Membership Tier are as follows:

  • Platinum + Corporate TB Champion
  • Mobilize other companies or PSUs to join the Corporate TB Pledge
  • Co-lead convening of the corporates around TB
  • Share your TB Pledge experience and positive outcomes with stakeholders and the media
  • Become a point of contact to answer questions other corporates may have around allocating resources to TB programs

  • Gold + Dedicate funds for programs
  • Expand existing health facilities to the general public for TB diagnosis, DOTS notification and reporting
  • Use CSR money to implement a TB-specific project and report on measurable outcomes
  • Adopt and implement a workplace policy and program, that includes screening and referrals for TB, and report on measurable outcomes

  • Silver + TB awareness raising activities
  • Include TB information and messaging in health and safety briefings
  • Implement TB awareness activities in the workplace and/or the community
  • Plan and implement TB activities in the workplace and/or the community on global days such as World TB Day, World AIDS day, World Health day

  • Recognize that businesses are a key part of society and participate in the solution for eliminating TB
  • Commit to endorsing TB workplace policies (not the same as implementing a workplace policy)
  • Undertake sincere efforts to develop a response to TB at their workplace and in their communities
  • Raise awareness
Tier Graduation

Corporates sign up at specific levels of commitment initially. In case the corporate exceeds expectations (associated to the level of commitment they have signed up), technical evaluation is done and the process of graduating tier takes place. This will be done offline by the secretariat, however, the system should indicate the process and the way to graduate to the next tier in a creative and repetitive way to the corporates. As of now, 4 corporates have graduated tiers, based on their performance. Fresh Pledge is signed and submitted once a corporate has graduated tier.

Corporate TB Pledge Members