TB Free Workplace Campaign

Becton Dickinson (BD) is a global medical technology company that is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. In India, BD has nearly 1000 associates working across 700 cities and towns. They have successfully developed technology that helps in diagnosis of TB drug sensitivity. This helps clinicians prescribe appropriate anti-tubercular drugs, which in turn helps in combating multi-drug resistance TB. These are the BACTEC™ MGIT™ automated mycobacterial detection system. Over 100 of these fully automated solution for mycobacterial liquid culture and susceptibility testing have already been installed in India.

Change Begins at Home

BD’s vision of “Together, advancing the world of health” is perceptively aligned with the goal of “TB Free India” with its partnership in Strengthen TB Resistance Testing & Diagnostic Systems (STRIDES). With BD’s fast-growing footprint and family of employees in India, where better to start the journey towards this goal but at home. BD initiated the TB Free Workplace campaign to not only communicate the gravity of this disease in its family but also to inculcate the STRIDES vision.

BD and The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have been making STRIDES against MDR-TB through a multi country strategic partnership to improve access to and capacity for TB and drug resistant (DR) TB diagnosis. Since the year 2018, in India, STRIDES has been supporting the National TB Elimination Program (NTEP) of the Central TB Division (CTD) through numerous lab system strengthening interventions that include capacity buildings and assessments of the staff of the National and Intermediate Reference Laboratories (NRLs & IRLs).


To commemorate World TB Day, 2020, a “TB Free Workplace” (TBFW) campaign was launched under the Corporate TB Pledge. The campaign began with the TB Free commitment posters being displayed across all 11 work offices in India, briefing of the Leadership team, including Mr. Pavan Mocherla, Managing Director, India and South East Asia, and development of the constitution of TB Free workplace campaign committee. Each member of the committee was designated as TB Pledge Ambassador committed to mobilize maximum participation in the TBFW campaign and facilitate in identifying the associates who might require further screening for TB.

The campaign was set in motion through virtual TB training session for all BD associates. Each session featured talks by Central TB Division (CTD), United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and BD leaders. The BD associates were apprised about the ongoing national program, the current challenges and the call to action for them. Ultimately the campaign culminated with a 4 quiz series to help reinforce what they learned during the sessions. A total of 490 associates joined these sessions – almost 50% of the workforce. BD commissioned the campaign as per the guidance and technical support received from the CTP Secretariat.

TB Free Workplace Campaign Timeline

01Display of TB free statement of commitment.
02 Preview of TB animation video with BD leadership team. Constitution of TB free workplace committe.
03An awareness email to all BD associates on World TB Day highlighting key Global and India facts on TB.
04Virtual awareness sessions; talks by CTD, USAID and BD leaders.
05TB Awareness quize series.