The Best Practice Compendium (BPC) captures innovative approaches by 15 select corporates who have done exemplary work on TB interventions. These practices can be emulated by all 100 +Corporate TB Pledge  partners and the larger corporate sector engaged in TB interventions.The compendium was released by Dr Harsh Vardhan, Hon’ble Minister of Health and Family Welfare; Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, who said, “ As TB usually affects the poorer sections of the population owing the lack of hygienic conditions, congestions and deprivation of nutrition, I must congratulate CII for their focused efforts on TB augmenting the government’s efforts to eliminate TB by 2025.” The Minister also acknowledged the contribution and support of the corporate sector to join the fight to eliminate TB by 2025, under the Corporate TB Pledge initiative and called upon more corporates to join the mission. This also marked the launch of CII’s 3 yearlong commitment to TB Free Workplace Campaign.

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The most widely used method to diagnose TB in India is sputum smear microscopy, which has low-sensitivity. A more accurate molecular test is GeneXpert or CBNAAT. Whilst the government has scaled up the number of CBNAAT machines

Delay in accurate diagnosis of tuberculosis in India is also due to untrained first line of contact, be it allopaths or alternative medicine.