CTP Members

Corporate TB Pledge Members

Thankyou for being our Corporate TB Pledge Partner and supporting the journey to eliminate TB by 2025!

The Corporate TB Pledge (CTP) program, launched in April,2019 is a joint initiative of the Central TB Division, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and USAID in collaboration with IPE Global Ltd and The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, with the objective to develop a shared TB vision, in alignment with PM Narendra Modi’s vision of eliminating TB in India by 2025. The aim of the CTP is to engage the corporates and business associations effectively and meaningfully, and for industry-led sustainable solutions to end TB in workplace and community settings.

We are pleased to announce that currently, 103 Corporate Members, including yours, are part of the pledge, which includes both Indian and American companies from sectors across IT, FMCG, Health care and Diagnostics, Leather, Tea, Mining etc along with 5 Business associations on board. Companies have signed up at different tiers, specifying their levels of commitment with 24 under the Silver tier, 58 under Gold, 13 under Platinum and 8 under the Diamond commitment. More than eight lac people have been screened for TB symptoms in the last one year by CTP members with around 29000 TB testing facilitated through corporate interventions. Around 3 million USD has been leveraged for TB work by corporates including establishment of 7 Microscopy centres, 6 CBNAAT/Gene Expert Machines, 3 Mobile X-ray Vans and Nutritional Support to about 300 patients.

We sincerely thank you for committing your time, energy and resources towards Prime Minister’s vision of a TB Free India by 2025!