Corporate TB Pledge Holders

The Corporate TB Pledge (CTP) Holders are corporate organizations, that have committed to Ending TB in India and joined hands in the nation's fight against Tuberculosis.

Corporates have contributed in various ways in vastly different scales. Their support may be through no-cost models, where they increase awareness and implement workplace policies to protect their workforce from TB; or by short term and long term investments within communities or regions they are present in. These contributions are completely driven by the interest of the corporate organization and are tailor made to fit their needs.

Between 2019 and 2023, more than 360 Corporates have taken the pledge and have supported to initiate more than 150 different projects at both workplace and community for TB. More than 6 million people have been reached out through such activities and resulted in over 43,00,000 TB screenings, 1,80,000 tests taken for people with presumed TB, and 12,000 individuals have been diagnosed with active TB. Also, the CTP Holders have donated 42 microscopes, 248 NAAT machines, 11 Mobile TB screening vans, and 42 ultraportable X-ray devices. Apart from this, 69 of these CTP Holders are also Ni-kshay Mitras and have provided Nutrition support to over 45,000 individuals affected with TB.

Following are the Corporate Organizations that have taken the Corporate TB Pledge.