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The Apollo Tyres Foundation (ATF) started a health-care program in the year 2000 for the trucking community with 32 centers in major transshipment hubs across 19 states. ATF provided primary and tertiary health services for ailments like TB, HIV, eye care, non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. As a member of the Corporate TB Pledge (CTP) the involvement of ATF keeps a close watch on the behavior change and early diagnosis and treatment of TB.

Behaviour Change Strategy


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Invest to Eliminate TB

The most widely used method to diagnose TB in India is sputum smear microscopy, which has low-sensitivity. A more accurate molecular test is GeneXpert or CBNAAT. Whilst the government has scaled up the number of CBNAAT machines

Delay in accurate diagnosis of tuberculosis in India is also due to untrained first line of contact, be it allopaths or alternative medicine.