Supporting the Government’s Mission to End TB

TB continues to be a major health challenge in India. Active Case Finding is the key to identifying high-risk cases in the community. Identification of high-risk cases followed by diagnosis, awareness building, and treatment could prevent further spread of the infection, particularly in vulnerable age groups. Mylan, a global company, therefore, undertook a project aimed at supporting India’s mission to eliminate TB by 2025.


A pilot project of the National Strategic Planning (2017-2025) by Indian Government, was initiated by Mylan, in partnership of AIDENT and with support from NITI Aayog to eradicate Tuberculosis in Bahraich, an aspirational district of UP, by means of Active Case Finding (ACF). The project is also aimed at enhancing education among health workers while spreading community awareness on the importance of timely diagnosis and treatment. The following interventions were micro-planned with guidance from NITI Aayog.

  • Active Case Finding: Finding the high-risk cases through door-door household survey with standard questionnaire. 100% contact screening was conducted amongst the family members of confirmed TB patients
  • Public awareness on Tuberculosis and distribution of educational material
  • Capacity building of health workers for TB management

Upon becoming a platinum member, the CTP secretariat supported Mylan in organizing an awareness session at their corporate office in Bangalore on June 29, 2019. TB myths and awareness was discussed during the interactive session with several striking stories of TB warriors and survivors. Over 300 of Mylan employees were oriented.


In Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh – more than 1 million people were surveyed

  • The Active Case Finding covered 1,235,280 people from five blocks of Bahraich district
  • 6,070 high-risk cases were tested
  • 617 TB cases were detected
  • Over 700 new TB patients were linked with the public health system
  • 969 TB cases were notified during the period of Dec’18 – May 19
    • Of this private sector notifcations were 253
    • 77 MDR-TB cases were reported

Key Lessons

Mylan’s model draws on an active dialogue with the Central and State Government. The interventions respond to the Government’s call to action.

Information, Education and Communication (IEC) played a vital role in boosting awareness in the community. To ensure efficient and effective use of IEC materials, a distribution network was enabled as the project activities commenced. National Tuberculosis Elimination Program’s (NTEP) IEC materials were reprinted on hoardings, replicated as wall paintings, and distributed as posters, stickers, leaflets. Over 120,000 leaflets were distributed during the ACF. This comprehensive IEC plan, extensive active case finding coupled with other key activities, led to significant outcomes. State officials and NTEP constantly supported the project by monitoring the results of activities.