On the occasion of World TB Day (WTBD) , 2023, the Central TB Division in association with the Union under USAID supported iDEFEAT TB project, with the aim of instilling the spirit of “We” and togetherness for the cause of eliminating TB by 2025 and encouraging widespread but meaningful engagement from different stakeholders, launched “Yes, We Can End TB: 75 Corporate @75 Cities” campaign on March 2, 2023. The Corporate TB Pledge secretariat, hosted by The Union, as part of USAID/India supported iDEFEAT TB Project, extended the technical support for implementation of the month-long campaign. The campaign was viewed as an opportunity to harness the potential of varied stakeholders and catalyse their engagements toward TB elimination in the country.

Objectives of the campaign

  • To promote the active participation of Corporates and other organizations for accelerating efforts towards TB elimination in the country
  • Enhancing visibility and amplifying the voices of these partners through multiple forums and actions


The campaign was driven on three broad pillars – extensive reach, convergence of stakeholders, and amplification of the efforts. In order to ensure that every corporate/partner is able to participate & contribute to the campaign, and there is convergence, regardless of their capacity, a banquet of activity options for the campaign was offered to the corporates to choose from and implement. These activities included high-level events, rallies, awareness and screening camps, CME’s, tree plantation, expert talks, oath taking etc. These activities could be undertaken by the corporates anytime during the month (1st March – 31 March 2023) and reported to the CTP Secretariat.

Timeline and Activities of the Campaign for WTBD 2023

The campaign was rolled out in 75 cities of the country simultaneously, bringing together varying stakeholders to perform varied activities together. It also ensured showcasing and amplifying the efforts of the partners through the campaign through social media engagement.a

Impact of the campaign

Corporates from across the country, from varying sectors including tea, mining, textile, academic, corporate hospitals, business associations, etc. actively participated in the campaign. They undertook diverse set of activities including organizing CMEs, community rallies, workplace awareness and screening, active case finding, nutrition support, plant a tree, signature campaign, seminars, youth sensitization, panchayat engagement, etc. Corporate hospitals engagement stood out and evolved as the emerging sector bringing on board and demonstrating commitment at significant scale for the cause.

  • More than 175 corporates across over 100 cities successfully engaged in the campaign
  • Four national level events were organised by Corporates under the campaign within a span of one month, ensuring extensive visibility and mass engagement. The events witnessed commitment from highest leaderships including the presence of Hon’ble Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Dr Mansukh Mandaviya, at the launch of initiatives by Apollo Tyres Foundation.
  • 215+ varied sets of activities were undertaken by corporates and partners at varying levels including more than 7 CMEs, over 60 awareness cum screening camps, oath-taking, tree plantation programmes, state & district level consultation events, health melas etc.
  • Over 25,000 patients were committed to be provided nutrition support and 25 plus new projects were initiated during the campaign.
  • In terms of infrastructure support, over 5 NAAT machines &X-Ray machines and mobile vans were provided by corporates to support the programme.
  • A large number of resources was leveraged through the corporates and new partnerships emerged through this campaign.
  • 20 lakh population and over 80,000 social media impressions were reached out during the campaign

The campaign successfully demonstrated the three pillars of reach, convergence and amplification, showcasing a model where with minimum resources, stakeholders making joint efforts can reach the last mile and producing the multi-fold impact.

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