Awareness Activities

 Intervention Outline

The fear of TB, stigma associated with it, and hesitation to get tested enable the spread of TB. The corporates could couple activities in a community-based CSR program that would create awareness and bust myths around TB. This could be done as a new program or be merged with existing programs.

The corporates could self-implement or hire agencies that specialize in behavior change to develop a communication and activity strategy and leverage/establish deep roots in the community. The program could use IEC tools like posters/fliers etc. It could organize community meetings /health melas/nukkad nataks, sensitize local influencers/hold interactions with TB survivors. The program could also ensure that all government TB-related schemes are being informed to those in need, including the nutrition support scheme.


Expected Impact

  1. Initiate and grow social dialog around communicable diseases like TB
  2. More people get tested for TB
  3. Increase in treatment adherence
  4. Fight stigma and increase social acceptance of TB patients and their families.
  5. Corporate brand positioning in the community

Expected Investment

Capital Cost – INR 2 – 5 lakhs

Support from CTP Secretariat

  • Project designing
  • IEC material for activities developed by the Govt, CTP Secretariat, other development partners
  • Establishing linkages with the State/District TB Cell
  • Facilitating private-private partnerships (with other corporates)

Fight the TB stigma by supporting and investing into Community awareness initiatives.

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