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 Intervention Outline

High visibility events like sporting events, concerts, exhibitions are tailored around state or national leaders, celebrities, influencers who communicate critical messages about TB. They ensure large-scale dissemination of information, have high visibility and get extensive media coverage.

The scope of such interventions is enormous and a corporate can chose from a large variety of events to sponsor such as a sporting event, concert, youth events, awards, visibility in festivals, exhibitions, promotional tours etc. Such high visibility events could attract more corporates to collaborate and invest in that particular district/state resulting in increased corporate partnerships.


Expected Impact

  1. Increased social dialogue around TB
  2. TB gets prioritized at the state/national level and progressive policies are adopted
  3. Other stakeholders get motivated to initiate TB interventions
  4. Media coverage of TB
  5. Corporate brand positioning amongst policymakers, influencers, media and community
  6. Increased corporate partnerships in districts and states

Expected Investment

Capital Cost – INR 10 – 50 lakhs

Support from CTP Secretariat

  • Support in designing the event
  • Inputs on the technical content
  • Training of volunteers, program officials to roll out the event
  • Coordination with the Government securing their partnership and support
  • Onboarding of national/ international experts on TB for the event
  • Coordinate with national/ international experts on TB ensuring their participation in the event
  • Facilitating media coverage of the event
  • Collaboration with other partner organizations

TB is a neglected disease and requires due attention of the masses. Let your brand and your support to eliminate TB be known to the masses at large. Organise high visibility events like sporting events, concerts, exhibitions etc. tailored around a state or at the national level to attract attention of leaders, policy makers and influencers.  

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