Social Media Awareness

 Intervention Outline

The use of social media has grown exponentially over the last few years and corporates can leverage this to increase awareness in a crisp, tailored, and participatory manner. A social media campaign would magnify the message amongst the targeted community and also inform its’ employees about the initiatives undertaken, thereby increasing brand value.


Expected Impact

  1. Facilitate/lead collective dialogue around TB and drive social change
  2. Increase the visibility of interventions
  3. Manifold impact of awareness and outreach activities
  4. Increase possibilities of collaborations – industry/philanthropic organizations/government/influencers/other stakeholders
  5. Corporate brand positioning amongst the community/target audience and employees

Expected Investment

Capital Cost – INR 3 – 5 lakhs

Support from CTP Secretariat

  • Project designing
  • IEC material / Social media toolkits
  • Establishing linkages with the State/District TB Cell
  • Facilitating private-private partnerships (with other corporates)

Social media campaigns are one of the economical and effective tools for reaching out the masses.

Let your brand through social media channels reach out to communities to generate awareness. Design a cause based social media campaign today!

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