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 Intervention Outline

Mobile Medical Units are now an integral part of the general health system, offering services to remote or difficult-to-reach populations. These  can be used to increase access to TB diagnostic and treatment services in the communities they serve.

The corporate could purchase a van, fabricate it with project name, company logos and key TB messages and fit it with the required medical equipment like X-Ray machine. To operate this van, the project would need the services of a project coordinator (part time), technician, field officers, MIS officer, driver and spend of fuel and maintenance.


Expected Impact

  1. Increased door to door screening for populations with limited access to health facilities
  2. Establishing linkages between the patients and government services
  3. State-of-the-art laboratory investigation services delivered at the doorstep of patients, reducing the delay in diagnosis
  4. Outreach camps to sensitize communities and increase awareness
  5. Corporate brand positioning in the community

Expected Investment

Capital Cost – INR 70 – 75 lakhs

Operational Cost – INR 30 Lakh per annum

Support from CTP Secretariat

  • Project designing
  • Establishing linkages with the State/District TB Cell
  • Technical support for e.g. guidelines/regulations to follow for X-ray vans
  • Facilitating private-private partnerships (with other corporates)

Drug Resistant TB is difficult to treat and its treatment duration is relatively longer. DR-TB patients may require financial assistance for travelling  to diagnostic and health centres and also for undertaking various medical evaluations required prior to  availing the free treatment services being provided by Government.  Sponsoring transport and pre-treatment evaluation costs for DR-TB patients is a low cost model but directly helps patients in dire need to access treatment without delay and interruption.

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