Support Mass Media Activities

 Intervention Outline

The mass media campaigns are used to convey behaviour-change messages that aim to impact and influence the public knowledge, attitudes and practices.

Engagement and CSR investment by corporates can disseminate information on TB widely to vast audiences through the use of media, such as television, radio, local media channels, traditional media, newspapers, Internet, books, posters and billboards. The corporate can adopt a district or state and implement campaigns around prominent dates like world TB day or the company’s foundation day etc


Expected Impact

  1. Increase in knowledge, attitudes, awareness and opinions about TB and health-seeking behaviour for TB
  2. Decrease in stigma
  3. Increase in uptake of government services for TB service
  4. Corporate brand positioning

Expected Investment

Capital Cost – INR 10 – 50 lakhs

Support from CTP Secretariat

  • Project designing
  • Providing IEC material to use in the campaign – audio/video clippings
  • Facilitating collaboration with the government program including approvals wherever necessary
  • Coordinating with technical experts for their quotes etc
  • Training volunteers for the campaign

Mass Media has the potential to influence the masses. Investing in mass media campaigns would not only help you reach out to masses but also gain the visibility that your brand deserves as it cares for its people and the communities.

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